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Post-Op Care

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Post-Op Care

Recovery Unit (PACU)

When your surgeon has
completed your surgery, you will be moved to the recovery room, or
Post-Anesthesia Recovery Unit (PACU). Here, nurses will monitor you
closely for about an hour depending on how quickly, and how well, you
wake up from surgery. While you are in the recovery area, your surgeon
will speak to your family. When you are awake and stable, you will be
transported to your room if you are being admitted as an inpatient or
observation patient. Outpatients will be moved to Phase II Recovery where visitors will be permitted to see
you. As an inpatient on the day of surgery you may not feel like lots of conversation, so please try to limit your number of visitors.

Recovery (Phase II)

Phase II is for patients that are having same day surgery. In this area, you will be fully dressed and will rest in a recliner while finishing the recovery process. You will be offered something light to eat and drink. The nursing staff will also make sure you are able to urinate and that your pain is being well controlled. Your family will be able to sit with you; however, due to limited space, we will usually allow only two family members with you at a time. The nursing staff will go over your discharge instructions and answer any questions you may have prior to your discharge.

Overnight Care Unit (ONCU)

Overnight Care Unit (ONCU) ONCU is the inpatient area of the hospital where you will be admitted to stay overnight or several days depending upon your procedure and your recovery. Upon arrival to your room, you will be given a brief orientation about your call light, bed and any other equipment pertaining to your care. A nurse will do an assessment on your condition and obtain your vital signs. For your safety, please do not get out of bed by yourself. Please use the call light to let your nurse know you need to get out of bed. Also, please do not attempt to get up or move around in the bathroom by your self in the first 24 to 36 hours after surgery as this activity has shown to be our highest risk for patients to fall.


When you are feeling well enough to eat, you will be given a menu with a variety of food and specialty diets to choose from during your stay. The hospital serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and snacks are available upon request. A Registered Dietitian is available for consultation if needed.

Ancillary Services and Testing

If physical or occupational therapy has been ordered, a therapist will come to your room for your therapy session. If your physician has ordered blood work, the laboratory personnel will come to your room to obtain your blood draw. If an x-ray is needed, the x-ray personnel will come to your room to take your needed x-ray.

If at any time, you have questions or concerns about your treatment plan or care, immediately notify the IOS staff.

Post-Op Care Discharge


Upon discharge from IOS, your nurse will review your discharge instructions, medications, activity limits and signs/symptoms of possible post-operative complications, plus, answer any questions you or your family may have.

For more information see: At Home Care & Activity or Follow Up Visits

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