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Hospital Billing and Financial Assistance

It is the policy of the Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery (IOS) that payment is due when services are rendered. As a service, IOS will submit for patient third party claims. Any patient "self-pay" portion is due within thirty (30) days of receipt of the service. [For purposes of definition: "self-pay" portion is defined as non-covered services, copayments, and deductibles.]
  • IOS will submit claims to insurance companies according to established guidelines.
  • Complete billing information must be presented at the time of registration and/or admission.
  • IOS reserves the right, where agreements with the payer are not to the contrary, to determine the length of time before the account becomes the responsibility of the patient and their guarantor due to the lack of timely payment from the insurance company.
  • At no time, unless agreed to with the insurance company to the contrary, will an anticipated insurance payment override the patient's obligation to pay the balance outstanding.
  • IOS will make its best effort to notify patients of the insurance benefits verified by the patient's insurance company within three (3) working days of the hospital's receipt of the insurance benefits verification.
  • Patients and guarantors may request an itemized bill by contacting a representative of the Accounts Receivable Department. IOS does not routinely send an itemized bill to the patient.
  • The guarantor will receive a monthly statement that provides an account status and lists any activity occurring since the last statement.
Every effort will be made to assure that every patient account statement is accurate and easily understood by "lay persons".

If you have specific questions about your account, our Customer Service Representatives are available Monday through Thursday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Spanish speaking representatives are also available.

We repeatedly offer patients access to financial help during their hospital stay and after, as well as with each billing notice. We send bills to collection as a last resort, only:

  • When patients have the ability to pay some portion of their healthcare expenses but refuse to do so.
  • When patients refuse to work with us to determine if they qualify for free or discounted care via federal, state, local or hospital assistance programs.
  • When we are unable to locate the patient or the person responsible for the bill.

Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery does not currently charge interest on amounts not paid in full.

For information pertaining to the availability of financial assistance for services at the Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery, click on the links below.

Download a PDF of our Plain Language Summary of HealthCare Financial Assistance Policy

Download a PDF of our Financial Assistance Application

Download a PDF of Heathcare Financial Assistance Policy

Download a PDF of our Billing and Payment: General Statements

Hospital Price List

We want you to be aware that you may receive FOUR seperate bills for your surgery/procedure.

  • 2nd bill - From the physician's office.
  • 3rd bill - From the anesthesiologist.
  • 4th bill - From Lima Pathology if a specimen was sent.

Financial assistance may be available for charges from the Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery. Charges from the following providers are not covered under the Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery financial assistance program:

Orthopaedic Institute of Ohio

  • Jason M. Anane-Sefah, MD
  • Lloyd C. Briggs, Jr., MD
  • Chad A. Broering, MD
  • Steven Copland, MD
  • Tom Edgerton, DO
  • Frank E. Fumich, MD
  • Steven Haman, MD
  • Nathan Hensly, DPM
  • Andrew Layne, MD
  • Dylan Mathews, DO
  • Jeffery McMath, MD
  • Ryan J. McNeilan, MD
  • Joseph R. Misson, MD
  • Michael Muha, MD
  • James M. Nieman, MD
  • Jeffery Otte, MD
  • Samir M. Patel, MD
  • James J. Patterson, MD
  • Ryan Smith, MD
  • Selvon F. St. Clair, MD
  • Inyang Udo-Inyang, MD
  • Michael J. Wieser, MD
  • Ben Allen , PA-C
  • James Carlier, PA-C
  • Alec Curry, PA-C
  • Alexis Diglio, PA-C
  • Kevin Erhart, PA-C
  • Jared Hill, PA-C
  • Christa Guggenbiller, PA-C
  • Faye Imm, PA-C
  • Brian Klausing, PA-C
  • Jordan Lehman, PA-C
  • Jason Loyer, PA-C
  • Steven Palte, PA-C
  • Jared Rigali, PA-C
  • Janelle Schroeder, PA-C
  • Todd Sigler, PA-C
  • Beth Warnecke, PA-C
  • Troy Warnecke, PA-C
  • Christopher Whitney, PA-C

Pain Managment

  • Bret Bohn, MD
  • Anuj Shah, MD

Buckeye Anesthesia

  • Paul H. Scheiwiller, DO
  • Gerald F. Szelagowski, Jr., MD
  • William Harr, CRNA
  • Fred LeJeune, CRNA
  • Diane Schoen, CRNA

Internal Medicine

  • Oluremi Ojo, MD
  • Olayinka Omitowoju, MD
  • Sasikala Shanmugam, MD
  • Jimmy D Alele, MD

Infectious Disease

  • Solomon Beraki, MD
  • Wilfred Ellis, MD


  • Zoheir Abdelbaki, MD
  • Masroor Abro, MD
  • Paula Ankie, DO
  • Mehran Arabpour, DO
  • Bekele Ayele, MD
  • Venkat Battula, MD
  • Pamela Gardner, DO


Patient Cost Estimate:

Thank you for choosing the Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery. In compliance with Ohio Revised Code 5162.80; section 7, we have a process in place and will be happy to provide you with a cost estimate for services scheduled at the Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery.

(419) 224-7586

Correspondence concerning IOS HFA policies should be sent to the Following:

Institute for Orthopaedic Surgery
Attn: Billing Department
801 Medical Drive
Suite B
Lima, Ohio 45804

Questions concerning IOS HFA policies should be directed to: (567) 940-3211

IOS, 801 Medical Drive, Suite B, Lima, Ohio 45804
801 Medical Drive
Suite B
Lima, Ohio 45804
Phone:  419-224-7586
Fax: 419-224-9769